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BEAU GESTE was created in 1981 by seven dancers from the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine (National Centre of Contemporary Dance), directed by the American choreographer Alwin NIKOLAÏS. Under the form of an artistic collective where different esthetic points of view are exchanged – each dancer alternatively taking the role of choreographer or interpreter – BEAU GESTE developed across its creations, both collective and individual, a common state of mind fed by the diversity of the artistic potential of its members. In 1991 the artistic direction was entrusted to Dominique BOIVIN, Christine ERBÉ and Philippe PRIASSO; each assuming responsibilities which, although distinct, were always shared at the heart of the trio. Pursuing this approach – putting the emphasis on each dancer’s unique personality and movement – BEAU GESTE ventures into multiple performance styles: solos, cabarets, variety shows, dance conferences… all opportunities to affirm a taste for diversity, distance and humour.