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Inaugurated in 1997 and situated on the Ile du Roi in Val-de-Reuil in the region of Haute-Normandie, “Le Dancing” is a studio, a rehearsal space for the company. Other activities related to the practice of dance are developped in the studio. When the company's artists are touring, BEAU GESTE welcomes exterior companies to create, develop or complete researches not necessarily leading to a production.

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/ /Residencies

Beau Geste can give access to the Dancing and to accomodations for free to companies or choreographers in need a working space for their project.
A priority is given to companies linked to the Labbaye and SE.S.EA Networks but any danse company can send an application.
The residency can be about research and development or simply for rehearsal, between 5 to 10 days, and can lead to a public presentation, workshops, open rehearsal, or any other type of event that could be held on site.

Companies supported by Beau Geste in 2017

Cie Die Donau - Andrea Sitter

Cie Noésis - Flora Pilet et Alexandre Le Petit //

Cie Kopfkino - Benjamin Coyle //

Cie Blandine - Yohann Hourcade

Cie Contrepoint - Yan Raballand //

Cie Nadine Beaulieu //

Cie Kashyl - Ashley Chen //

Marion Soyer

Jonathan Ith

Presque Compagnie - Charlotte Rousseau //

Cie Les Bourlingueurs

Viktor Cerniky

Cie Le Grand Atelier - Gisèle Gréau // legrandatelier19

/ / Occasional loans
Beau Geste can give access to the Dancing to companies and choreographers on short periods of time, depending on the availability.

/ / Events : "Les RDV au Dancing"
The RDV au Dancing are the presentation of the work-in-progress of the companies working in the studio. Each company is free to choose the form and the esthetic of the event, as each company and each artist can work on very different and singular projects. The audience is not invited to see a finite product, but to question their own taste by discovering new artistic styles each time.

The schedule of residencies, occasional loans and events is directly dependent of the companies touring schedule and are only possible when the regular activities of the company allow it.

For more info about the ‘Dancing’, contact Léa Laâouidi-Caillou.

To get the access codes, please contact :
Léa LAÂOUIDI-CAILLOU - 02 32 59 73 06 - //