NEWS 2018-2019

       [ bonté divine
       [ Connais-Moi Toi-Même
       [ L.U.MEN
       [ La danse, une histoire à ma façon
       [ Transports Exceptionnels
       [ Travelling
       [ Ze bal !

       [ Cartes sur table
       [ Cinégeste
       [ Macbeth
       [ Norma
       [ Projet photographique
       [ Road Movie
       [ SACRÉ SACRE
       [ Traffffic
       [ Transe Effect


"The event consists of several dance films extracts mainly, but also extracts from the movie world or Internet.
These extracts that I commented before each theme - directly in France, abroad as headings in English - can guide the public eye on a particular aspect of dance: funny, dynamic, abstract, political or many modern ...
In the end what interests me is to offer a sufficiently wide range for the public to leave the screening room by having a look more "open" on the dance and its modes of representation.
The majority of the films were kindly loaned by the French Cinémathèque of Dance."

Dominique Boivin



Dominique Boivin