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Tansmission project with the students of the Angers National Center for Contemporary Danse

Upon the 40th anniversary of the National Center for Contemporary Danse of Angers, the students from the 2016-2018 class will perform choreographies by Dominique Boivin and Philippe Decouflé.

Craftsmen, clever handymen, but also jesters, each in his own way, both Dominique Boivin and Philippe Decouflé started as students of the Angers school in the early 1980s. At the time, the school was directed by American choreographer Alwin Nikolaïs (from 1978 to 1981) who would train a great lot of young French dancers. Today's director, Robert Swinston, invited the two choreographers to work on a custom-made transmission project with the school's lucky students.

Dominique Boivin chose to revisit his own journey as a student at the school. He created a new form called Traffffic, developped for twenty dancers.

As he did on his previous piece Panorama - a show that toured in 2012 via his company DCA - Philippe Decouflé chose to compose a new medley of extracts from other emblematic plays that will be performed by five to ten dancers when the pieces were originally created for only two, four or six.

Angers National Center for Contemporary Danse



Dominique Boivin

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Cast :

20 students from the class of 2016-2018